" Push"

I recently came across this video profiling artist Charles White a few days ago that really resonated with me on a personal level. Just the simple fact of hearing various facts about his life, as well as his general approached to his art really spoke to where I currently am within my own artistic journey. I think that often times as an artist or any type of creative, you can feel as though your on an island of secluded thoughts. This notion from within that you're navigating certain experiences all alone. Which from a logical standpoint can only make broad sense. Because in essence, this is your own personal journey, and no one can convey the intentions of your expressions better than you, yourself. However, I’d like to think that before we’re perceived as an artist or any such titles, we’re merely human beings. And with that comes all the emotional nuances that encompass all the various circumstances within the human experience. The doubts, the delights. The needs to be understood and in understanding the difficulties navigating within the emotional terrains of creating. Often to which one could have very little guidance. And from that outlook, the idea of having these varied forms of direct and indirect forms of mentorships can be so immensely impactful. Having the perspectives of those who’ve enhabited those roads alongside you can be a source of great insight during those times where you can wish to “get off that island” so to speak — and get busy moving forward with your mission as an artist. For a time within my career, there was a somewhat apprehension on my part to capitalize upon those resources. I’d held this internal fear of being perceived as weak or worst yet, not serious about my art if I didn’t know or have all of the answers about being my own creative growth. But I’ve realized that on this journey, the one aspires to learn, must then one must be committed to growth. That they’ll always be a situation or challenges that will move or push you. And that there’s often someone who's been down that road before in some capacity, whose advice can potentially aid you in achieving that freedom of growth. And even that advice doesn’t even have to be from the viewpoint of an artist — it could come from an athlete, an entrepreneur, a chef. Anyone whom you feel has the level of insight and or tools you feel could help be your push through to the other side of that unfamiliar creative mountain your stuck on.

I can’t express how grateful I am for all the tools and the brother and sisterhood of creatives that have existed and continue to. - For all of us really. Because within all of our stories are great keys to learning. Valuable insight that can often enhance greatly any levels of aspired communication.

I’ll always continue my growth from within this journey. And perhaps someday, maybe sooner than I can even imagine. I’ll be one of those sought out voices of those seeking understanding. Or perhaps towards a push towards stepping over that mountain.

Source: www.gla2.com