"Street Etiquette"

Sometimes you just get an itch. You know, that feeling that you have to get out there and shoot something. Could be anything, buildings, babies, or just people simply walking by. —- lol, anything! As long as it gets you out. Out of your head,…. or even just out of the chair. At the onset of the journey. This dream, the idea that someday I wanted to be a photographer, an actual professional photographer. I wanted to be one of those people with two cameras in hand, shooting the imagery that would change humanity and influence the world. I’d go out all the time, shooting any and everything that moved. The occasional headshot for the aspiring actor friends. That cousins wedding. Whatever, whenever…. But then, suddenly it happens for you. Reality moves completely in your favor. You become the thing that once only held a place in your imagination. You’ve actually become that “professional working photographer!” And maybe your even working on a few exciting projects that are full of interesting context and fascinating subjects. Alongside it the whole deal, job estimates, photo assistants and production invoices. - But then wait — You're fully encompassed, yet unavailable for any further engagement. Suddenly you're busy beyond extending your own growth. In the process of becoming the aspect of the fulfilled version of yourself that you completely intended to be. You lose the capacity to enhance upon those same notions that brought you into this position in the first place. The chance to extend your you, and in the process, your art. —— So as of late, its been a complete non-negotiable on the part of self to gain access into the wood-shed that is me. To grant me direct access into the portals that created the creator. No matter the cost — No extravagant “foodie experience” at the latest acclaimed haunts of merit, no gallery opening, no playoff game. No anything that doesn't serve the greater everything can come at the expense of me expressing me. - To be creative is to evolve. —— And to quote the great Andre 3000, “I can’t afford to not record”. The cost is too great!