"Bad Boy For Life"

Awhile back, I had the pleasure of working with Director Allen Hughes on  "The Defiant Ones" for HBO --- oh this particular day we shoot and interviewed Sean Combs aka "Diddy". 

- I gotta say -- sometimes the work is fast --- "REAL FAST!!!".....probably had him on set for less than 5 mins. -- But hey, as they say --- "YOU GOTTA GET THE SHOT!".....Never the less, it was so great to witness thisman up close. To hear the elements of his journey. The stories. Say what you will about P. Diddy, but the man, is one of the truest foundations of not only Hip Hop Culture, but a large part of popular culture in America. He's like the Quincy Jones of my generation in that he help transced the  "producer" into a house hold name.  Have to say it was definitely a "Love My Life" kinda moment. --- Yes indeed, I wish I had more time, but I quite sure we'll meet again in this thing. -- Bless up!