"Ice Cream Kron"

Still....till this very day, one of my most favorite shoots was this profile on Kron Gracie. As a fan of the sport, I of course was very well aware of his family and their definitive impact on the art of Brazilian Jujitsu.  I knew of him, from watching various videos on You Tube etc. --- I literally called him up one day and  asked if I could could shoot a few frames. My intent was for a personal project that I was working on about grapplers (still working on that --- lol) --- I went for about a week. Just hung in the back ground.... doing me! But to witness his dedication to the art was truly unbelievable . It's always great when you come away from a shoot or a subject with the notion or thought of "Man --  I have to do better --- lol. For myself...my life. I mean this guy was the epitome of a  warrior. Through and through and it was evident. You could feel the dedication, the commitment to the sport .....  Just the attitude and presence he brought to the mat. You got the sense that it embodied who he was as a person. I appreciated that. I appreciated the access. I think that's what I value the most about what I do. The chance to see things up close. Particularly elements of greatness. --- If not in talent, merely intention. Because if your observant theres always a take away. A "something" for you to grab and apply elements of to your life.